Our vision & values

Fermented vegetables that you really enjoy and help you stay healthy: that is what we want to bring with TERRA FERMENTA.

With everything we do, we keep in mind the wise words of Hippocrates, the father of medicine : “all disease begins in the gut”. But, he also said to “let food be thy medicine” and that’s exactly what we want to put forward at TERRA FERMENTA! 

Innovative recipes, created with love

At TERRA FERMENTA, we want to take things a step further and mix up the classic recipes to create exciting new flavors. 

We love using healing herbs and spices like ginger, oregano, thyme or turmeric. We also want to honour forgotten vegetables, such as the beautiful parsnip, and transform the modest ones like white cabbage into a delicacy. 

The result is what we like to think of as the “haute couture” of fermented vegetables. 

Food, a source of life and health

In our fast-paced world we don’t always realise that food is so much more than just a source of energy. Food brings people together, and our favorite food makes us happy as a child. Food can also be an adventure of discovering new flavours as we travel through foreign cuisines or forgotten recipes. 

And, as all ancient cultures say, food is our medicine. It can protect us from disease, and help our bodies heal better from illness. 

TERRA FERMENTA vegetables are a super-food for your gut, with exquisite flavors for you to enjoy. Fermented vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, micronutrients from fermentation, enzymes and good bacteria. Adding healing herbs and spices increases their health benefits even more.

In tune with nature and tradition 

Fermentation gives us the chance to enjoy vegetables out of season while still respecting the natural cycle of the seasons. It is an ancient tradition that our ancestors have used for centuries to preserve food and survive long winters. 

In today’s busy world, the fermentation process is a beautiful example of giving time and being patient. We do it the old-fashioned way, because good things take time. 

In line with the ancient traditions, we don’t pasteurise our fermented vegetables. We want our products to be authentic, and make sure that none of the micronutrients and health benefits are lost. 

If you are new to fermentation, rest assured that pasteurising fermented vegetables is not necessary for food safety. Scientists have confirmed that the fermentation process is one of the safest ways to preserve food while maximising bioavailability. 

Because changing the world starts with ourselves, we support organic agriculture and work exclusively with suppliers that love and respect the earth as much as we do. Our local vegetables serve as an inspiration to present you with creations we haven’t found on our plates before.

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