The magic of fermentation

We love fermentation! We are fascinated by the wonderful work of bacteria and yeasts, and how they transform vegetables into something entirely new: they create different and delicious flavors and more nutrients than the ingredients they started with. 

Interestingly, science and medicine have been intensively researching the relation between the gut microbiota and our health, while at the same time fermentation is having a renaissance and is being welcomed back onto our plates. 

That is probably not a coincidence, because fermentation and gut health are closely linked. Fermented foods, and certainly fermented vegetables, can support our digestive system and our microbiota to be healthy and balanced. 

We can’t be at the top of our game if our microbiota and digestive system aren’t functioning at their best. When we eat, we do well to remember we’re not just eating for one (or two), but also for the millions of organisms in our gut. Our bacteria need fiber and they love vegetables in all colors of the rainbow. 

When we ferment our vegetables, we take them to another level. 

Thanks to fermentation, vegetables can be conserved for months without losing micronutrients such as vitamins, and even without needing a fridge if you have a cold storage. The fermentation process makes the nutrients in vegetables more bio-available, so that our bodies can absorb them more easily. It also adds plenty of goodies, like B vitamins and lactic acid. On top of that, fermentation produces enzymes that can help with our digestion, and bacteria that can support our microbiota. 

And then there’s the taste… Fermented vegetables become pleasantly sour and, as they are infused with herbs and spices, they develop exciting new flavors. They stay fresh and crunchy without any artificial preservatives. Just amazing!

We might be biased, but if you ask us… Fermented vegetables are a feast for you, your microbes and your meals!

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