If you are still a bit new to fermentation, here are a few tips to enjoy your fermented vegetables as best as possible.


Store your ferments in the fridge or in a cool storage. On hot summer days, the fridge will probably be your best option.

Our fermented vegetables are not pasteurised, and it’s possible that some of the bacteria are still at work when you receive the jar. If that would be the case, there can be some noise or bubbles when you open it. No need to worry though, it doesn’t affect the quality or taste. 

Because the bacteria like their environment (the fermented vegetables) as it is, we recommend always using a clean spoon so that nothing “foreign” is added to the mix.


For the first taste, we recommend to savour slowly and let the flavors blossom.

Then, mix and match as you like! Let these colourful veggies add a little magic to your salad, sandwich, (veggie)burger, wrap, buddha bowl or whatever you’re in the mood for. We also love enjoying our fermented bites at cocktail or mocktail hour! 

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Fermented vegetables conserve very well, but the more your jar becomes empty, the higher the risk of spoiling. Therefore it’s best to eat your fermented vegetables within a couple of weeks after opening. In any case, your sense of smell and taste will tell you if they’re still good.

The top layer may lose a bit of its color, but no need for worry here. The vegetables can still be eaten.